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These unique outdoor fireplaces originate in New Zealand and can transform your backyard into a lovely living, relaxing and entertaining space.


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Flare Fires

Flare Fires are not only beautiful additions to any space but also bring real value and functionality to a space. Flare Fires is modular in design with 6 components but 100’s of ways that it can go together. You have a choice of Tuscany (rounded shoulders) or Boston (squared shoulders) style; as well as, either Modern or Traditional finish & polishing. All of this means that not only can you have a fire assembled at your place in just hours, but you can also add components to suit your space.


Here are just a few benefits Flare Fires adds to your Home

1: Ambiance & Warmth

No matter what type of outdoor fireplace you add, they all produce warmth and comfort, helping people connect and unwind. The ambiance of a real fire is unmatched, and this is a big reason why realtors frequently say that an outdoor fire is the most sought-after outdoor living feature, second only to a pool. But let’s face it, a pool can only be used in the summer. Flare Fires can be used year-round. 


2: Focal Point to Tie Together Patio

Flare Fires work tremendously well at tying together a patio or outdoor living space. Like how the fireplace is often the focal point inside the home, a Flare Fire acts much the same way providing a natural gathering point. It can also be the framework of outdoor space, providing structure for the creation of an outdoor room. 

3: Add Value to Your Home

As mentioned above, an outdoor fireplace is the second most sought after outdoor living feature. Because it is so desirable, the return on your investment for adding a Flare Fire is very high. Fireplaces in general produce the greatest returns for any renovation in the home, and the same can be said for outdoor fireplaces. According to the National Association of Realtors, adding an additional fireplace to a home (indoor or outdoor) can increase asking price for the home by as much as 12%! 

4: Flare Fires are Four Season

Enjoy the outdoors longer with a Flare Fire. The warmth and comfort of the fire allows you to use your outdoor space year round. Flare Fire accessories like the Spark Reducer on the chimney and a Stainless-Steel curtain door on the front of the fire make it so that you can use it year-round. Also, outdoor fireplaces allow you to use your patio later into the evening -even during the peak of summer. The warmth generated will keep you plenty warm and the beautiful orange glow will thrust plenty of light into your space so you can enjoy your patio all night long! Not to mention on those super hot summer days/nights you can cook outside just like you do using your oven and not heat up the house.


5: Cooking Accessories

Flare Fires are the pinnacle to amazing backyard cooking. Whether you want to grill some burgers, reverse sear some steaks, smoke some fish, cook a chicken on the rotisserie or bake some bread, You can do it on with a Flare Fire.

These are the accessories that make it all possible

  • Standard Cooking Frame – including cooking handles fits Cast Iron or Stainless-Steel Grill and or Hot plate.

  • Stainless-Steel Swinging cooking frame. Ask us how 2 swing frames are better then one.

  • Log Guard

  • Pizza Oven Kit – includes stones and crisper.

  • Smoker kit – is installed into the chimney.

  • Rotisserie

  • Ember Poker/Rake

  • Extra Cooking handles

  • Night guard

  • Stainless Steel Spark Reducer

  • Pizza peel

6: Five Fires – Same Straightforward Installation

Flare Fires have four concrete fires and one Cor-Ten Steel Fire to choose from.

The Deluxe – Firebox placed over single woodbox.

The Premier – Firebox placed over top of two woodboxes and the ideal height to cook and entertain. (Most Popular Model)

The Executive – Firebox placed lower with woodboxes placed on either side.

The Senator – Firebox centered over 3 woodboxes. Providing plenty of space for preparing food as well as entertaining.

Martello – Cor-Ten Steel fire with optional rotating base and cooking options.


During the warmer months the center of any home is the patio. From entertaining guests to just relaxing after a hard day at work – the patio is key to the enjoyment of the home. It is a place to laugh with loved ones, share a delicious meal, or unwind and take in some fresh air.

If you are like most people we meet, your patio is functional but at the bare minimum. Upgrade your patio and upgrade your life by adding the following 5 key elements for the ultimate outdoor living space.

1.Outdoor Fireplace

Just like in the home, the fireplace is the hub of all great patios. Countless hours of enjoyment are waiting to be had with your fire. A Flare Fire creates a focal point, a stunning visual, helps to define the space, and best of all – can extend the patio season to year-round if that is what you want!

2. Comfortable Seating

This can make or break your outdoor room. Big comfortable lounge chairs make the patio an inviting place to sit, relax, and have a drink during the warm summer evenings. Do away with the cheap plastic furniture on your patio. The best patio’s these days have large executive style armchairs with oversized cushions for hours of enjoyable comfort. Adding comfort doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. There are lots of styles to choose from to match your ideal outdoor room.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Tired of running in and out while your guests relax on the patio? Don’t want the house warmer than it needs to be from using the oven in the summer? Every great patio needs a Flare Fire. Having a place to prep, cook and prepare all located in the same area will go a long way to creating a more functional patio. Cook dinner and entertain at the same time while your guests sit back and kick their feet up in your aforementioned extra comfy lounge chairs! Even on a budget the Martello, Flare Fires Cor-Ten Steel fire with optional rotating base can be used to cook a pizza, grill a steak or smoke some fish.

4. Custom Lighting

Lights set the atmosphere, plus aside from any fire features they are typically the only source of light as the sun sets. Just because the sun is down doesn’t mean the party has to end. With so many solar options you can light up the night no matter where your patio is situated. No more burying hydro lines or running extension cords!

5. Do Something Different!

Differentiation is the key to anything memorable. Get creative, take risks, add that something extra that will get all your guests really talking. Add some exotic plants, get a cool new water feature, or add Flare to your patio with a Flare Fire. Whatever it is, if it’s unique it will make your home stand out and help up your patio game!


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